Thursday, 29 December 2016

Introduction about myself

About me(I)


As you can see here, there is a number 26. That is because I allow people to call me Zaky26(Zaky is my name and I have yet to explain it later).You can call me that because I like the that number and I use that online name when I play my games.

Good morning teacher/s and classmates(You are technically not my friends,yet),My name is Zaky Irfan Mohamed Lazim.
I am not that type of outdoor person so I really like to just stay at home and play my Xbox One.
I like to play almost every ball game.I am also quite interested in badminton but I'm horrible at it.
I like to play games online on my phone with my primary school friends and when I don't,I like to read.
   Personality and behaviour
When I was in primary schools loved to talk to my friends who sat nearby me.I also have been known to be quite talkative in class but it does not happen often.I also do not like to be appointed leader for almost everything as I doubt myself to have good responsibility.I also like the colour black and green.I like to get into action quickly as when someone tells me to do something,I do it as fast as I can.(The teacher better take note of the red words)

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